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AFROLUTION postponed to 2022 !!!

Welcome to Afrolution.de, future home of the AFROLUTION Literature Festival and  the ”Triple AAA-Blog« with content  by our partners as well as our own!

Why was AFROLUTION postponed in 2020 and now again in 2021? The AFROLUTION 2020&2021 edition »PLANETARY [VULNER]ABILITIES. Intersectional African/-Diasporic Worldmaking« has been postponed and rescheduled to Thursday June 23rd to Sunday 26th  2022 because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and for the safety of our transnational communities.

Will AFROLUTION 2022 have the same participant line up as planned for 2020/2021? Please stay tuned for additional information on participant  announcements but we promise it will be amazing!

The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose on the one hand yet more explicitly global PAD vulnerabilities, and now have to be extended by this further drastic perspective under the new circumstances. 

PLANETARY [VULNER]ABILITIES addresses the weaknesses and crises of liberal and representative democracies, pressing ecological challenges, obstacles to human mobility due to increasingly categorical demarcations in the West, the threat to the biological conditions for the reproduction of human life and the diverse -isms that structure the everyday life of African/-diasporic societies, PAD-communities and individuals. They systematically disadvantage strata of the world’s population and produce multi-layered forms of vulnerability.

On the other hand, we could observe once again that PAD-Abilities, such as for example the exemplary and prudent handling of COVID 19 by many African governments, were not adequately received, trivialized, marginalized or openly doubted in the Western reception.

Afrolution 2022 aims to take an intersectionally trained look at these current moments and, with a future-oriented approach, to reflect and discuss in particular on how structurally disadvantaged African/diasporic societies and communities can be compensated for by practices of de-vulnerability, i.e. empowerment.

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